A new way to display, store and listen to all your audiobooks and your favorite podcasts in one place.

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The Project

UI/UX Designer

User flows
Visual Design
User Interface Design
User Experience Design

According to the Association of American Publishers, the market for audiobooks has been up about 20% year after year across the industry. At the same time, the podcast medium has never been so hot which makes it hard to understand why there hasn’t been an app for serious, non-music audio content consumers to store, listen to, and organize their library stress free. There are just not many platforms offering a home for these media types, and no one has nailed it for them both.




The goal of this project was to present a comprehensive, intuitive, and inviting app dedicated to audiobook and podcast listeners.


Research Findings

After conducting user interviews with a group of casual and hardcore podcast and audiobook listeners as well as looking at the competition, the following insights emerged:

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  • User Dissatisfaction

    • There is a large lack of attachment to the tools listeners use. Current solutions fail to wow their users.

  • Fragmented Landscape

    • Few apps offer podcast, audiobook, and radio under the same roof and fewer still do it right.



From the research, two personas took shape: Fatou who is an avid listener of all non-music audio content, and Wilson who is a Podcast aficionado with the occasional dabbling of other non-music content types.


Sketching & User Flows

With the personas and their needs in mind, it was important that the interaction with the app be clear and simple and that the content be easily accessible whether they want to look for a new audiobook, purchase and listen to it, follow their favorite podcast, or hop on their local radio station.


By using the sketches and Invision to conduct a series of simple user tests via prototype, I determined a flow and the features users would need to navigate through the app.

User Path.jpg


These wireframes were formed based on feedback received from user testing.


Visual Design

The color palette was chosen based on the study of color trends and analysis of the competition to help set Earfull apart. A minimal primary color palette and thoughtful use of secondary colors throughout the app served only to assist the user in navigating the app and to provide visual cues for different content types.

Visual System.jpg

Final UI

The design is a mix of flat design and skeuomorphism. Flat design though still very trendy tends to sacrifice users’ needs for the sake of aesthetics. It was essential for a brand new app like “Earfull” to present something visually attractive, simple but also fonctional. The user’s understanding of the app’s flow was a vector to the way the interface looks and feels. The tabs are a homage to Apple’s 2007 website homepage design.